By joining our Guaranteed Signups Program, your website becomes part of a huge marketing campaign worth $100,000 designed to bring our client’s websites, thousands of interested opportunity seekers. The advertising campaigns combine online, television and radio adverts done nationally. We use patented scripts to track each user’s activity. The said patent scripts, alert our servers every time someone visits a user’s website because of our marketing campaign and signs up on your site. We then display these statistics in your campaign admin area so you can compare them with the figures you retrieve from your back office.

You need not install any special codes in your website to enjoy our campaigns. Rather, just provide your website address when ordering. The campaign you sign up for will begin receiving visitors just a day after; the same time signups should start streaming in. The campaign makes your offers available on hundreds websites such as iBizOpps.com and BizOppTips.com among hundreds other websites that receive targeted audience. This mammoth exposure ensures you eventual success.

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